Your Privacy

What Happens to Your Data?

Like you, I care about the protection
of privacy, both online and offline.

And the EU’s new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) affects us all. Here are the ways I use and store your data:

Privacy Policy

( Updated June 9 2018 )

I do not, will not, sell your data, ever.
I do not, will not, spam you.

Any information gathered about you in person, via email, in online conversations, or via my online forms (including your name, contact details, and birth details) will never be sold or deliberately shared with any other parties, apart from the following exceptions:

  • if required to do so by law;
  • in the secure processing of that data as necessary in fulfilling my work for you (see the Third Party Services I use, below);
  • if expressly requested to do so by you in writing (by email)
    —example: for cross-referencing with other therapists or counsellors.

While I take great care to protect your personal data, if at any time you want your personal data altered, or deleted from my devices or server, you have that right. Please don’t hesitate to contact me in that instance.

Also, while I have great trust in the reputation of the third-party services I have chosen to employ in my work for you, I cannot take responsibility for their own security systems.

1. Third Party Services I Use


  1. My Booking FormsEmail Forms and Survey Forms are hosted off-site (not on my server) and processed digitally by The forms are encrypted and coded by Typeform, and I have had swift customer service from them. They are well-regarded internationally. You can view Typeform’s own Privacy Policy on their website.
  2. Typeform automatically send your form data, initial email, or survey answers to me at both my private, encrypted Swiss email account at ProtonMail (which I do not use for any other purpose), and my Spark email client, created by Readdle, an award-winning software company.  (Only the Asteroid List order form is presently processed on this server.)
  3. Your Booking Form is stored on my computer as a PDF document and is password-protected. I also store a copy of the same password-protected PDF on an external hard-drive. It is not stored in my Email apps, but is deleted from them after I have downloaded it to my computer.
  4. Any further email correspondence I have with you is generated via the Spark email apps (on my Mac OS and iOS devices).
  5. My websites and email accounts are hosted by InMotion Hosting, which has an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (USA and Canada).
  6. I offer secure online credit/debit card processing on this website via Stripe, an internationally recognised online platform currently serving 100,000+ businesses in 100+ countries across nearly every industry on the globe. I never have access to your credit/debit card information.
    This website is also encrypted for your security (note the https in the address bar for all pages on my websites: check for any site where you are sharing your data!), even though all transactions occur on the Stripe server, not my  (InMotion Hosting) server.
    My private Stripe dashboard (at allows me to see only your name, email address, billing address associated with your payment amount, payment date, and type of card used (VISA, Mastercard, etc).
  7. I use Zapier to securely and automatically populate my mailing list (stored on the MailChimp server, see #1.8) from your online Stripe payments to me. If you do not wish to receive any correspondence from me in the future, you can either unsubscribe easily from within the next newsletter email (though, I don’t send them often) or contact me to request removal from my newsletter list and/or from my email Contacts list altogether—no questions asked, it’s your prerogative.
  8. My Exceptional Purpose Resource (previously Bodhimind News) subscriber forms are handled off-site digitally by the good people at MailChimp, my CRM (Customer Relationship Management) service of choice. MailChimp also take spam protection enormously seriously and issue guidelines to all their clients to help protect MailChimp’s reputation. The are presently the world’s #1 CRM platform. You can read their own Privacy Policy. They are well-established and highly regarded globally.
  9. I use either my personal Dropbox or Google Drive cloud accounts to briefly store the audio MP3 recording of your session(s), to offer you exclusive access to download your own audio file from the private link I email to you. I delete your file from the cloud asap after you alert me that you have successfully downloaded the file.

2. Session Recordings

  1. Sessions booked to be more than one hour in duration are digitally recorded for you as mp3 audio files, and it is your own responsibility to keep that file secure at your end.
  2. This is how I keep your audio file secure at my end:
    I store a digital mp3 copy of your audio session(s) only on a separate external drive, and for a limited time, as a reference for me in fulfilling further work for your ongoing or future sessions.
  3. You will be able to access the audio file again, at no charge from me, if you lose it while I still have a copy. I can’t keep them for years, though, due to their size and the expense—and clutter!—of storage devices.
  4. I don’t store your recordings in the cloud, apart from the brief interval when you can access and download your mp3 file from my Dropbox or Google Drive cloud accounts (as above, see #1.9). 

3. Confidentiality

  1. All Consultations (discussions and written material) are strictly confidential. And that goes for both sides: if I share anything personal with you during your session which may be pertinent for you, I expect you to also honour my own privacy.
  2. I store a paper and a digital copy of your astrology chart from our session(s) indefinitely as a resource for any future work you may need from me at any time.
  3. Your digital basic computer-calulated astrology chart, which includes your birth details, is stored privately in my astrology apps on my devices for any future work you may require from me. Your birthchart and birth details are never shared.
  4. I don’t write client report files about you (but I do store what you have included in your Booking Form—see #1.3), apart from creating the personal Suggested Resources PDF files I email to you, as your astrology chart itself is shorthand for me and unintelligible to most other people, including many astrologers! You will receive an emailed digital PDF or JPG copy of your messy work chart via email after your session(s) with me.

4. Cookies

  1. This site uses the Google Analytics cookies to collect your general usage data for analytics processing only. HoweverI have activated ‘IP-anonymization’ on all my websites (your IP address is therefore truncated) to prevent personally identifiable information or associations about you being sent to Google.  I have opted to do this for your privacy because I do not use analytics to personally target you with advertising.
  2. Google Analytics records your anonymous movements around my website, the time you spend on each page, demographics such as country or city location, and type of device (i.e. operating system such as iOS, OSX, Windows version, etc), so that I may improve my sites for all visitors.
  3. The ‘Peristent Cookies’ (text files) in your browser are also set to expire after one month.
  4. You also have the option to switch Cookies off altogether via the “No” button in the Cookies bar that appears at the bottom of the screen when you first open this website. You will still be able to access the site normally.

If you have any security concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

5. Testimonials

  1. Offering a testimonial for my use on my websites implies you are happy with me using your testimonial on any of my websites and my promotional material. I will not publish your testimonial on social media sites.
  2. Any testimonials you have offered that are published on my websites can be deleted or altered at your will. Please contact me for any changes, and I will implement them asap.

Personal Recommendation regarding the GDPR Legislation

I recommend you check out as much information as you can regarding the new GDPR legislation from the European Union, whether as a site visitor or a website owner. It ultimately applies to all of us, regardless of where we live. As a website visitor, you will have extra rights to all of your online stored data, globally, as of May 25 2018.

Data-harvesting is currently the biggest money-spinner in the world, leading to companies being sold for millions or billions of dollars purely for the personal data they have harvested from their customers and subscribers. You now have rights.

All websites, including blogs, must have a plain-English (or whatever language the site displays) Privacy Policy—so I firmly suggest you take a few minutes to read the policies of the sites you visit and especially the ones you interact with using your personal data, including comments. There should be a visible Cookie Policy notice when you first open the site.

As a website/blog visitor, you will automatically have rights to all of your online stored data from European Union websites, as of May 25 2018. Though, all websites, globally, will now have to follow the same privacy and data practices, as EU visitors will be accessing websites globally, and can claim their privacy and personal data rights globally under EU law.

As a website/blog owner outside the EU, you will benefit from complying with the new GDPR legislation. This will not only protect you and your business from any future litigation hassles, but you will be building trust with your site visitors, customers, and clients. You will also be contributing to this much needed global benefit for all of us. The GDPR legislation has been put in place to make the internet safer for everyone.

Terms & Conditions

Updated May 27 2018

I’m referring to myself in the 3rd Person, here, for legal terminology.
‘Kerrie’ refers to Kerrie Redgate, the person who’s services you will be engaging for the astrology sessions and astrology courses described on this website;
‘birth data’ refers to your birth date, birth place, and birth time.

  1. If incorrect birth data has been given to Kerrie (evident in your Booking Form), Kerrie cannot take any responsibility. Please make sure your correct birth data has been entered into the Booking Form. This is your responsibility(See the next two points for details.)
  2. If incorrect birth data has been given to Kerrie and is discovered after the session has been completed (apart from very minor minute-increments of the birth time), no refund for your session is possible.
    If you wish to proceed with a new session based on your correct birth data, you will have to pay the full session fee again for Kerrie to research your chart with the new data for a completely new session for you.
  3. If incorrect birth data has been given to Kerrie and is discovered at the start of your session, causing the session to be terminated at that point, you will forfeit your 50% Deposit only (rather than paying the full session fee) on the condition that you reschedule and commit to a new session with the correct birth data. In this case you will then need to pay the full fee for that new session.
    If you do not wish to reschedule, the balance on the full fee for the original session will still need to be paid.
  4. If Kerrie has made an error inputting your birth data to create your chart, Kerrie will take full responsibility for this and will reschedule a session for you and will compensate you by giving you extra time (minimum one hour) during the session, with only the normal balance to be paid at the end of your session. Your Booking Form protects you in this instance as there is a record of your own data input.
  5. The 50% Deposit (of the full fee) will not be refunded for cancellations made within 3 days of the appointment date. Though, for emergency cases, Kerrie is open to negotiating a new appointment date without you forfeiting your deposit.
  6. While Kerrie recommends other therapists in good faith, including kinesiologists for birth time checks, Kerrie cannot be held responsible for their results.
  7. The information offered to you through Kerrie’s private sessions and courses is to be considered advisory and not predictive, as it is still your responsibility to do the work to fulfill your own potential. Kerrie is only a guide in this process.
  8. If you have any problems with Kerrie’s services, please contact Kerrie privately and directly so the problem can be rectified for you to the best of Kerrie’s abilities. These sessions and courses are for your benefit, and Kerrie’s aim is to be of the highest service to you.
  9. All Consultations (discussions and written material) are strictly confidential. And that goes for both sides: if Kerrie shares anything personal with you during your session that may be pertinent to you, it is expected that you also honour her own privacy.

Thank you, I greatly appreciate your trust!
— Kerrie Redgate